Faber Castell Gelato’s

I saw a layout on the internet a few weeks ago that used this technique of coloured spots and then lots of embellishments, and thought I’d have a go as I really loved the interesting effect.



I used 3 colours and just scribbled them on the paper in circles and wet them with a little water on a brush. I love the depth of colour it gives. Plus its really fun to do.


Then I just messed about with lots of different embellishments (this was fun too)!


Had a bit of a crafty mess going on the table today, but back to work tomorrow so needed a good dose of craft.

One day…..


The school holidays are almost over and I will be going back to work soon ….so have been playing with paper and glue a lot lately. This is just a fun layout I did to remind me of things to come….one day ….we would love to get a little van and look around our beautiful country.