an old favourite using MFT Dienamics


Love this photograph of Lili. I did a class using this layout and we did it in loads of different colour combinations, pink and black, lemon and black, lilac and black, teal and black…. they all worked great. Most things were cut on the cuttlebug using MFT Dienamics.

This was before the Silhouette Cameo made its way into my life. I honestly think that die cutting is superior to the silhouette cameo cutting. The cut is so clean and precise, no tearing or rough edges.

Its just cheaper and easier to use the Cameo. The dies can be expensive and when you want to cut a lot of things, the cuttlebug is time consuming and hard work.

However, I use the Cameo all the time, and I do love the print and cut feature and the ability to resize to whatever you want, its versatile and quick.

I will always keep my Cuttlebug, and my  Bigshot, I love them both too.

my late valentine


So my Valentine works away…no rush to get a card sorted….but he is home on the weekend, so thought I’d make a card to go with his favourite chocolates…red Lindt balls!

You can’t see well in this photo but the red background is vellum with shiny red hearts all over it. You can sort of see it in the top right corner.



My goodness they are all so big! I wasn’t able to be there to see the girls off on their first day back to school this year as I had to go to work early, so I asked them to get their friends to take photos for me. This is one snap Lili just gave me. I better find some goodies to make a layout for this photo.