Watercolour Wednesday


Playing with watercolours is very therapeutic and I needed some of that this week!

I have a cheap kids set of watercolours and recently purchased a $5.99 set of metallic watercolours from spotlight whilst on sale for 50% off, so they cost me $3…..I did not have high hopes but for $3 I thought I would give them a go. OMG they are beautiful, really creamy and sparkly, you can see I have just put a touch on the red above.


heres a few more colours. These are kids watercolours with a bit of the metallic ontop.

I am very excited to be finally getting myself a set of Kuretake Gansai Tambi  watercolours this week in the mail. I have wanted these for a long time but hard to justify spending so much on a hobby. I’m seriously thinking of getting a bible to journal, maybe just an old book might do. I love the look of watercolour on old text.

I will be sharing my new set of paints on here as soon as I get them  🙂


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