Ellas birthday

Photo 31-3-17, 8 07 20 am

A reasonable photo of the girls and I, taken as we were walking out the door to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema. What a beautiful movie. I like the softness of this layout, there is vintage lace with mini embroidered roses on the left from my sister, she always finds the best vintage stuff for me, she lives in Bendigo Victoria and goes to garage sales to source craft stuff. I benefit a lot!

The vellum with mini gold hearts on it is beautiful, and American Crafts paper on the right that I have hand painted. I machine stitched around the edges twice in grey cotton. Theres some old and new on this layout but I think it works well.

3 thoughts on “Ellas birthday

  1. Hello Yvette, the universe must have meant for us to be at the same place this morning. Lovely to have a chatter. I will be in contact.

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    1. Hello Toni, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, Im glad we caught up with each other this morning. I must remember to check my spelling before I post on my blog…just laughed my head off when I picked up all the mistakes in Ella’s birthday post. Must have posted that one while half asleep ! Do keep in touch.XXX


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