handmade card

One of my favourite things to do when I need a craft fix is to make a card. Sometimes I make one in 15 minutes and sometimes it takes 2 hours. It depends on a lot of things. Is it for someone? Is it for an occasion? Is it just for my card stash? Do I want to use a particular paper? Vintage? Modern? I can keep going lol. But usually I get an idea in my head, and run with it. Inspiration is everywhere for me. A patterned paper. One of my daughters, fabric, something on tv, the garden, some particular colour combination…pinterest, Oh my goodness Im ranting.

Anyway today I cleaned up (not out…up) my patterned paper. Well some of it. Sorting it was therapeutic and I enjoyed it a lot! I found a few snippets of beloved paper and put them aside. It was on my desk and I pulled a few bits of ribbon out of a drawer to match and off I went…only took a few minutes. Reasonable result for minimal time. This doesn’t always happen! I have sat and looked at my snippets of paper and trims for hours and still not come up with a gem. I guess it depends on your mood too.Photo 12-4-17, 1 13 01 pm

Those are the bits I had out, but added another patterned paper, gold sequins and an epoxy rose. Photo 12-4-17, 5 09 37 pm

Its just in my card stash at the moment but I do need some birthday cards soon.


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