Coptic Stitching

Photo 7-5-17, 6 36 19 pmPhoto 7-5-17, 9 29 33 pmPhoto 7-5-17, 9 31 28 pm

Ok so I decided to have a go at coptic binding. This is a very old method of bookbinding , employed by the Christian Egyptians, the Copts back in the 2nd centuryAD!

I found a great tutorial and just used some old supplies first go. I struggled a bit with getting the stitching tight so the book isn’t “sloppy” but I was quite surprised with the end result. I started to decorate the cover and have decided to use it as a little album to fill with photos and stories, I want to send it to my Mum for her birthday, it will be a nice handmade present. I will post some photos of the inside pages when I finish.


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