my craft area

Photo 2-4-17, 7 12 31 pm

After a big move around over the christmas holidays I have ended up with my craft space in the dining room. I had previously been in my garage which I had converted into a beautiful craft room, floor coverings, air-conditioning and great bright lighting, loads of room for all things crafty, sewy and painty! I had been in this space since buying this house quite a few years back and I was very happy…enter partners son that needs a place to stay for a few months! I temporarily moved out and downsized. This was great as I really had a good clean out and donated a lot of stuff to the school preppies and friends. Few months later and partners son moves out….enter 12 year old who shares room with 9 year old ……13 year old has room of her own…since FOREVER! So instead of getting my craft room back, we converted it into another bedroom and the house became peaceful again!

Photo 2-4-17, 10 55 20 am

After some minor changes and a new chair and another purge of craft stuff, I have managed to love my new area, its certainly in the heart of the house, the kitchen, tv, computer are all out here with me. It has taken a little adjusting to when I can craft, as Im not a tv watching crafter, but I have come to enjoy being out here with everything thats going on.Photo 2-4-17, 10 57 21 am

The big white cabinet holds most of my craft things but I also have Ikea Alex drawers next to my table and containers on top of both cabinets. You can just see the big table on the left (which is our dinner table) but I use it for all my stuff and we ofter eat at the kitchen counter if Im in the middle of some craft.

Since these photos were taken, I have changed the decor a little….not so many bowls and plants on my work bench, also I have an ikea raskog trolley that holds all my necessities that can be pulled into place. I really love looking at other crafters work places, so I hope you enjoyed mine.

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