Annie Sloan chalk paint project

Photo 10-8-17, 6 16 04 pm

This is the paint and wax I purchased to do up my desk. I love the pink it already is but its not practical and is showing all the wear so I needed to give it a makeover.


Photo 10-8-17, 3 37 14 pmPhoto 12-8-17, 12 00 20 pm

Washed it down with soapy water and let it dry overnight.


Photo 12-8-17, 12 00 31 pm

It looks so good I wanted to taste it…..thick and creamy…..mmmmm

Photo 12-8-17, 1 09 35 pm

The first coat is patchy and doesn’t look nice…


Photo 12-8-17, 1 09 24 pmPhoto 12-8-17, 1 09 14 pm

This is one coat not dry.

Photo 12-8-17, 7 09 25 pm

This is 2 coats nearly dry…next is waxing, which I will do today. Will be posting the finished item soon….Love this colour, its called French Linen.

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