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I have just had 2 weeks holidays with the girls and we decided not to do too much. So I had a few things on my to do list that I had saved for these holidays…I had secretly hoped it would rain alot so I had an excuse to stay home and do some craft and art……it didn’t rain much but it’s been pretty cold and we’ve had lots of outings and lots of cosy days at home. One of the things on my list was art journaling.

I decided art journaling would be beneficial and off I went to buy paint…and ink…and brushes…and a journal…and some stencils….and….pens…. mod podge…and some gesso…and some molding paste….and I had my mind set on Wilna Furstenbergs classes, Starting points. IMG_4917

Ohhh my…these paints are so lovely to use…but the Liquitex acrylic ink is my all-time favourite product at the moment….I did just get a free Liquitex paint pen when I purchased 2 bottles of the ink, so am going to try them out. I bought several bottles of the ink….all of the colours were amazing!

IMG_4916The art shop is not so close to my house luckily, but I have managed to get there a few times in the past month 🙂


This Ikea trolley just brings me JOY looking at it. My art supplies are so lovely. I did already have alot of the supplies I needed. It was just mainly ink and paint that I purchased, but any excuse to purchase more goods at the art shop is fine with me!

Wilna teaches online classes and I just love her style. I watched loads of her youtube videos over the past few months and then purchased her starting points class….Im almost at the end of it and have loved every minute of it. I know I will be doing more of her classes, she is a fabulous teacher and when she narrates her videos, I love how she is relaxed and speaks as if she were sitting with you talking about the journal.


You get the print and cut files to download when you buy her class, they are absolutely lovely. I’m annoyed I have a crap printer and they didn’t print as nicely as they should have, but I was keen to get on with it, so did my best. I have had my Silhouette Cameo machine for about 5 years now and its one of the best scrapbooking things I have ever purchased, I use it often, and when I cut out Wilnas flourishes, I was so pleased. Even though the colours didn’t print that well….my crap printer!!!IMG_4905

If you read my journaling on these few pages its about the process and what I purchased and other random stuff, and also some days just about my day. Im still working on this part of the art journaling, I wanted to get the art part started first and then I will work on the journaling part when I feel more confident. Also I was so keen to start another page with paint, and the drying time in between each layer was very hard to be patient when you want to move on…hence Wilna says she has 4 journals going at a time. I can see why now.


This is my 1st page which I thought was pretty good. My journaling needs to change, but it will take time and practice, and while I’m not 100% happy with it, I still love it! The colours are gorgeous and I learnt alot while I was doing this one.


This is my 2nd page. The colours are lovely too, and I enjoyed doing this one as much as the 1st. I see where I could have worked on this one a little more now. I really like this one of Wilna’s illustrations, infact I think I used it a few times.


This is my 3rd page. I love it. Unfortunately I has issues with the printer, and paper choice that I printed on. When I sprayed water onto the painted background, the illustration ran. I kept moving forward as I had stuck it down with glue and not mod podge, so it wasn’t really protected with the layer of mod podge. Live and learn!


This is my 4th page, without the journaling. I love this page, and the stencil I used with the texture of the holding paste. I have only ever used texture paste on my scrapbook layouts and the holding paste is much nicer, lighter and smoother. Like butter, its a dream to scrape on. A pain to wait until its dry!

This concludes the first 4 pages of the class which was all about washes.




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