part 2 of art journaling class…

This is the 2nd part of Wilnas class I’m taking…..inkpads, loved it, love it!!!

This is the start of my 5th page…



I think this turned out really lovely, and now I have just photographed them and put them on here, I really love them all and am so pleased I bought this class, Thank you WILNA.


IMG_5143Next one is also using ink pads as a starting point, love this too. I laughed about Wilna saying each of her pages was her favourite but now I know…its hard to choose when they are all so pretty to look at. I have used the same illustration from Wilnas gorgeous collection, but I just loved them so much.


This is the 7th page, I think it needed some white space, but I chose to try something different, still very striking.


This is the 87th page of the ink pads section, and it was a weird combination, but I feel it turned out ok. Each one is so different….now to start on section 3 which is patterned paper…..


This is the start of the 9th page using patterned papers and Im loving it alot so far, the colours are crazy bright, I dont really like purple but this is gorgeous together, green is my favourite and the Liquitex inks in green are fabulous. I will finish this page tonight and hope to start the last 3 pages soon but I go back to work tomorrow and its hard to get art time in each day!

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