Scrap The Girls March Inspiration


Hi friends, heres my March layout for Scrap The Girls. The inspiration was Child Of The Wild and I loved the earthy colours and the cat in the pic, so took my inspiration from that and here’s what I created.

I have used lots of old stash items and really enjoyed creating this layout. It has many layers and it is very textured. A shame you cant feel it lol, it has tulle down the left hand side and theres vintage tissue paper and paint and all things good!

I love creating like this, using up all the goodies I have saved all these years and finally putting them onto something.

I hope you have a go at creating a layout using this as inspiration. Post to our Facebook group.

Procreate on my iPad

This is Narelle! I don’t know her really, I just drew her on my iPad and decided she needed a story.

One of my daughters-Lili, (she’s my middle daughter) is 16 years old and has scoliosis. She was only diagnosed about 2 years ago and was immediately braced for 12 months. Unfortunately this didn’t work for her and now she is about to have surgery.

I take her to a private Pilates class once a week since she’s been out of the brace to keep her spine supple and her core strong for this life changing surgery.

I sit in the car and wait for her at Pilates each Thursday evening and I took my iPad. I just doodled mostly, but 2 weeks ago I started drawing ladies. It has been my favourite thing to do lately and completely takes my mind off of the everyday things that make me worry.

Narelle was the First Lady and since then, I have drawn one to two ladies each day and post them on my Instagram.

Mostly they are made up with some random thoughts but some are friends and my daughters even requested one of them. Im not great at likeness to real life but I do enjoy drawing and colouring on the iPad. I use Procreate and an Apple Pencil. I also have a fabulous paper like screen saver on my iPad and it just feels like Im drawing on paper.

Technology certainly is fantastic.

I will share my girls on here as well as my crafty adventures. I hope you can see yourself in some of my drawings and relate to them.

Lilis spinal fusion surgery is this Wednesday, I think there will be lots of drawing this week as I sit by her bed while she recovers.

Painting roses class

I recently taught a class at my local scrapbooking shop “A Place To Create” in Arana Hills a class where we painted roses on watercolour paper with acrylic paints and then cut them out to use on our cards or layouts.

This is one of my layouts I used as an example. I love creating my own embellishments and this was an easy and cheap way of doing so. Most of us have some paints laying around that we can use. It really can be any kind, watercolour paints also are great. Once you get on a roll with these you can’t stop and I made a whole bunch of them to use later on cards or in my journals.

I hope you get some time to create this weekend, its so good for us to switch off and be doing something we love so much for just a short time. Happy Sunday xxx.