Mini Journal for my sister

It’s my sisters birthday in July and I like to send her something, but often its just a generic present. This year I was thinking ahead (unusually …lol) and made her a small journal. I posted it off with a few other little treats and it got to her just before her birthday, which is also unusual for me, I have good intentions but always get sidetracked.

I used some cute wrapping paper from Kiki K for the cover of the journal. Some trim Ive had in my stash for years that matched perfectly. The Washington tape was from a cute paper shop in Brisbane-Newfarm- THE PAPER EMPIRE.
I added loads of tabs made from patterned paper and fabric scraps. My sister is a sewer, and has the best stash of fabric ! I knew she would like lots of fabric bits added. And it added some extra texture.
Theres three signatures in this journal, some have my own designs on the patterned paper, some are scraps of past projects with watercolour and texture paste and some are ledger paper. I also machine stitched some details.
Each signature is hand stitched into the cover with hand waxed thread.
Its lovely and chunky, and pretty to look at from the side too.
Some of the fabric scraps I have been hoarding for years. They look so beautiful on here. The blue and pink pieces sent from America over a decade ago.
I used a rose gold bulldog clip to close it, adding a scrap of beautiful green silk.
You can see the hand binding on the spine, which I still need more practice with.
Creating this was fun and Im off to make another now.

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