Mixed Media Play

I have been playing with all sorts of different things in my stash lately. I don’t like to throw things away and Im always looking for a re-purpose for items. Anything from small scraps of paper to beads, clothing tags, lots of things that would otherwise be thrown away. I have lots of offcuts from projects so tag making is always a fun thing to do.

I like watercolour but I also like acrylic, pastels and any pens, gelato crayons add extra oomph and I have a couple of Posca pens that are awesome for mark making. Stencils and oxide ink, and stamping with black ink, so many lovely things to do. Heres some of this weeks pieces.

Some elements are hand drawn others stencilled or stamped, but the layers look lovely. I just have to wait for each layer to dry and thats hard as Im pretty impatient. I find that if I have a few projects on the go at the same time, theres always something to be working on.

This little caravan is one of my favourites, its cute and bright and has lots of character. I have used part of a napkin with mat medium, for some extra texture. Happy weekend, do something creative today.

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