New art supplies

I had a recent birthday and bought myself some new art supplies…even though I have been resisting the temptation over the past few months…I treated myself.

My absolute favourite new thing is Jane Davenport Layer Cake Paints. I first purchased the neon set and loved it so much I then got the Sushi Roll set and love them too. I don’t know which I like the most. Just know that these are the most beautiful creamy watercolour/gouache paints I have tried. This is my desk , and most of these paintings are actually done with inks and other watercolours, but the Layer Cake Paints are the ones in the long palette at the top of the image.

Some pattern making.
Love pink and red together!
Small clusters make beautiful patterns.
Why not some mirrors with neon pink background!
Some doodles and lots of colours.
This is the Sushi Roll Layer Cake Paints, so lovely.

Get your paints out and make some marks, even if its a 10 minute session.

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