Happy New Year 2022 woohoo!!

Happy New Year for 2022 ! This year is uncertain, but lets hope it’s a good one. I want to try new things with my art. I’m off to a good start as I’m on holidays and have had plenty of time to play with my art supplies. I made a small journal using a bunch of different papers, some just thin drawing paper, some watercolour paper and a few other pieces. I made them into a signature and started painting, just trying out different things, and its been really great!
This is the watercolour set by Prima called Pastel Dreams, so beautiful, just love the pinks in here. I’m loving the Combi van with surf board. Is it Kombi or Combi ?
This one is in a travellers notebook as the other painting was drying, so I have 3 journals going at once, just so I can move on and not wait for paint to dry! I’m very impatient.
This one is a mixed media abstract using Derwent Inktense pencils, watercolour and inks. Love the vivid colours.
This is wet on wet using Dylusion inks, such beautiful colours. when it was dry I used a black Micron pen to create flowers.
Added a little bit of line work to the background. I really enjoyed creating these and will continue to play with new techniques and enjoy my supplies I have.

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