My new website

This is what I have been working on lately. There’s not alot available for purchase at the moment. Everything takes time to load and sort. I’m still waiting on some stock of my prints and with the post at the moment, that may be a while.

I have been adding things slowly, until I get a feel for how everything works. Creating a website is not for the faint hearted, even though the system does alot for you, theres still alot of learning.

So many choices and so many tiny details that you need to add. One tiny detail took me over an hour this morning to learn how to customise it, but it made me happy once I got there and now I know how to do it.

Since I will be on holiday a bit longer, I will be working on my website adding my scrapbook pages and journals very soon.

I hope you go check it out and look around. Keep in mind its a work in progress!

Let me know if you find any MISTAKES, I can work on correcting them. Thanks for visiting.

A bit of caravan love right here! This is Bronte.

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