Floral Jungle in full colour-mixed media

Gwendolyn is just hanging with the flowers. It’s pretty, it’s colourful, and the flowers smell good. The floral jungle is where I’d like to be too.

Gwendolyn. This finished piece is 12×12 inches on canvas board. I particularly like the orange and purple section on the right. I have used Neocolor 2 crayons, gouache, acrylic, watercolour, Posca pens, ink and collage to create my art.
Hilary. Some gold leaf in this one. Hilary is off to the floral festivities in her swing dress and gloves.
Hilary. This is a small 8×8 inch canvas.
Beverley. Another 8×8 inch canvas. Beverley is getting inspiration in the Floral Jungle for her designer clothes she likes to create.

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