the painting continues

I’ve called this one Audrey. It’s my favourite at the moment. I recently had a giclee print made of it and framed it in a white frame.

This is a small 8″x10″ mixed media piece on a wood panel. I enjoy creating these pieces using collage and lots of layers of paint, ink, crayons, pens and pencils.

I am drawn to the bright colours and don’t really think too much when I’m painting, I naturally reach for the colours and even when I feel I want to tone it down, I still end up with something bright.

So I just go with the flow now.

This is my first larger size piece and I really enjoyed the process. My daughter asked me for one of my pictures to go in her room and I kept putting it off as she wanted a big canvas. Eventually she said she’d help me collage the background…and we spent a little bit of time together collaging this big canvas. I really enjoyed it.

I don’t have an easel so it was easiest to paint on the couch with a ottoman under the canvas, I now have bought an easel as this became hard on the back!!!
My colours are not for the faint hearted, the brighter the better, they make me smile.
I used lots of layers.
This is the finished piece in Ellas room.

I’m starting a new large canvas this weekend.

Love Evy xxx

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