I bought the app Procreate on my ipad a while ago. It’s a digital illustration app. It was cheap and I love it.It is a one off purchase. I have an ipad pro and an apple pencil which really make it easy to work with. I have played around with Procreate for many months and recently purchased a subscription to Skillshare. This is a learning platform and is so awesome for me to learn so many different things, I love it.

I have recently found a designer called Cat Coq who teaches fabulous Skillshare classes on how to use procreate. I have been trying out her classes and am starting to master Procreate…well maybe not master…use it proficiently. I recently did her animal motif class and this is my final drawing below. The above is a colour changed version.
I also took her seamless pattern class and created some funky coloured floral patterns. I love creating these patterns and enjoy all the classes. So much to learn. If you haven’t already heard about Skillshare, check it out. You can join and get a month trial for free.

Happy creative day, Love Evy xxx

School Holidays

I started this big one a few weeks ago but work takes up most of my time and now Im on holidays I will take some time to finish this one, still a bit of work to go yet.
Another big piece I started a while ago and yet to be finished. I think if I add them to my blog it will keep me accountable to finish them and post the finished piece.

Happy painting crafty people, Love Evy xx


I’ve started to list my art on Red bubble. This is a global online market place for print on demand products based on user-submitted artwork.

So I upload my art and you can buy it on lots of different products. Its an artists platform to sell their work. Red Bubble prints and ships and the artist gets a cut of the money.

There are so many different items they sell, from bath mats and jigsaws, coffee cups and note books to clocks and duvet covers, shower curtains and apparel.

This is my shop in Red Bubble. You can search my name or love evy and my designs will be there on lots of different items.

Society 6 is another platform that does the same, so I have a shop there also.

Check it out here.

Love Evy xxx

Something new

How cute are these little guys? I love them. Thanks to my friend Sharon and her handy laser cutting guy, she had these laser cut for my class at a Bribie Island Retreat in October.

Just so you can see the actual size, here’s a pic with my hand. The tiny one is around the size of a 20c coin, The detail is awesome.
I am collaborating with A Place To Create and have created a whole set of these cuties. There will be more caravans, flowers, leaves and palms. I can’t wait to show you more. These are great for scrapbook layouts and cards.

Happy creating this weekend.

Love Evy x