I bought the app Procreate on my ipad a while ago. It’s a digital illustration app. It was cheap and I love it.It is a one off purchase. I have an ipad pro and an apple pencil which really make it easy to work with. I have played around with Procreate for many months and recently purchased a subscription to Skillshare. This is a learning platform and is so awesome for me to learn so many different things, I love it.

I have recently found a designer called Cat Coq who teaches fabulous Skillshare classes on how to use procreate. I have been trying out her classes and am starting to master Procreate…well maybe not master…use it proficiently. I recently did her animal motif class and this is my final drawing below. The above is a colour changed version.
I also took her seamless pattern class and created some funky coloured floral patterns. I love creating these patterns and enjoy all the classes. So much to learn. If you haven’t already heard about Skillshare, check it out. You can join and get a month trial for free.

Happy creative day, Love Evy xxx

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