My new IXXI is up in my bedroom and I love it. It took about an hour to install and was pretty easy.
This is the box it arrived in. Its from the Netherlands and did not take long to arrive at all, a little over a week.

It looks like a lot, but once you set yourself up, it is fun and takes no time at all.
These are the special tiles made of luxury polymer paper. Everything is 100% recyclable, including the packaging.
I chose 20cmx20cm tiles but you can also get 10cmx10cm tiles.
This is the only blank wall in my house, so it was going here. I do not like blank walls!
The first bit was a learning curve, but pretty easy. I did make a slight error and measured wrongly, so its a bit to the right of the space between the windows, but I’m ok with that. I will know next time.
Once you get the top row done it’s a breeze and doesn’t take long at all.
And there it is!
Hope you love it as much as I do. Happy crafty weekend friends.

Love Evy xxx

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