new work this week

I have been working on this big canvas for a while now, painting a few smaller canvases in between as I have no patience for drying paint. I like to keep working if Im in the mood for painting and if I have to wait for paint to dry, i just start work on another canvas. so this has taken a few months to complete.
Its vivid colour and not for the faint hearted! So much to look at, lots of little interesting pieces to move your eye around.
I don’t use a lot of blue and purple but wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this one.
That main large pink flower was repainted several times…..but this one made me happy.
What feeling do you get when you look at my paintings? Do they make you smile because of the colours or do you cringe from the bright colours? lol
Some tiny details in here when you spend time looking. Theres the collage at the back and then the little detail florals and stripes and dots.
I use Posca pens for my detailing.
Theres also some stencilling in the background.
I hope this painting has brightened your day.

Love Evy xxx

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