bring me good things please

Seeing the new year in with this funky floral I have named Agnes. Not my usual colours but they still make me happy.
How do I name my paintings? Good question! I decide whether i like it or not and choose older style female names mostly, usually. In fact I haven’t named any with male names, maybe thats something to inspire me this year with new work.
Agnes is not a favourite name, as this is not my favourite painting. I like it alot but I don’t LOVE it. The names just get pulled out of the air , not much thought goes into them, but its then easy for me to know which one I’m talking about when I have so many.
Not every one of my paintings makes it to the naming process. I sometimes do 5 paintings and only one is worthy of a name.
This one has taken longer than I expected, and has had some turns and shifts along the way. I wasn’t happy with lots of it and put it aside for days, but kept at it and finally this morning I decided I’m happy to call it done.
Some paintings I have a good connection with and know it will turn out great. They sometimes are finished within days….(gotta remember the drying time between layers takes a while, so I’m usually painting 2-4 at the same time.) but this wasn’t done quickly…this one has been put aside several times over the past few weeks and I pushed through this morning to get it where I was happy with it. I have gained the satisfaction I needed just by finishing it and being happy with how it turned out.
I hope Agnes brings you joy when you look at her, she is a bright beauty.

Happy crafty Wednesday friends.

Love Evy xxx

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