Marlene and my Atlas

Today is a public holiday in Australia so I’m at home painting. The weather is glorious but I know it will be busy out at the beaches and on the roads so I’m painting at home. I thought I would share some of my recent paintings and processes. One of my latest flower jungle pieces. This one is called Marlene for no particular reason. I really tried hard to NOT use pink in this but as you can see, a little crept in which was actually part of the background collage, and its one of my old caravan paintings that I have copied and torn for collage.
I quite enjoy trying new palettes and especially a limited palette, it makes me think a little. Mostly I just grab at my colours and don’t think much, just choosing what I like.
These paintings are created over a few days/ weeks as I need to let each layer dry before I can move on. Often when I go back to do another layer, I’m in a different mood and I paint differently.

If I feel like I’m hurried because I’m painting in the morning before work, I don’t usually get fresh paint out, I will just use crayon or pencil, this is good as it slows me down a bit, as I can get crazy with painting and do too much. Different moods create different looks and I like that. If I sit and paint in one long session, it can look too streamlined, neat and I don’t like that look. So this works for me, sit down and paint in short bursts. However if I do have lots of time, I usually collage and start several projects and work on each one for a little while, giving them drying time.

I love a bit of map in my collage and have quite a collection of Atlas’s from the op shop. I also paint in my big old 1960s Atlas, the paper is fabulous and thick.
Isn’t she gorgeous, big beautiful pages and they are not shiny which is lovely for painting.
This is a favourite page in my atlas, using just pinks and greens.
So many things to paint….. I hope you enjoyed a little look into my painty world. Have a lovely day whatever you may be doing crafty friends.

Love Evy xxx

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