Naming my paintings

This is June. It wasn’t painted in June. My aunties name is June, but it doesn’t remind me of her. It’s not really got anything to do with June-the month. Sometimes certain paintings remind me of someone and I will use the name. I love old fashion ladies names and currently use those. I just look at the finished painting and usually a name pops into my head.
Just had this made into an IXXI. This one is actually for when I have a market stall, I want to hang it at the back of the marquee….not sure if this will happen but if I put it on my blog it might hold me accountable and I push myself to follow through with things when I have been vocal about them.
This one is 120cm x 100cm printed on 30 (20cmx20cm) luxury polymer cards. Cost for one this size is $A200.Any of my paintings can be custom sized and printed on IXXI, please contact me for more information.
Some mock ups to see what it looks like on the wall.
Don’t be afraid to make a statement. Go bold with one of my quirky flower jungles.
The bigger they are the more the impact. This ones is not huge but still packs a punch.
Have a crafty weekend friends, paint something!

Love Evy xxx

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