To market to market….

Eumundi market has been fun and I have a few more dates booked there. Come and visit me every 2nd Saturday…next one that I will be attending is 6th of may, then 20th may and 3rd of June.
Here’s my set up yesterday. I change things up each time, trying to find the perfect combination of card and painting display, I have framed prints and unframed. Cards with envelopes and mini prints/ postcards.
I have IXXI displayed on my marquee walls.
My new card packs.
All the mini art prints
This is Sadie and I love the beautiful deep reds.
This is a new piece called Jean, have not printed either of these new ones just yet.
I spent the whole day at Eumundi yesterday so today is for rest, but I have to do a little bit of ordering and I will also paint today. I do a bit of housework and reward myself with doing some painting then a bit of office work and reward myself with painting again 😆 I get a lot done this way. Have a crafty, painty weekend friends.
Love evy xxx

New art for this month

Have been working on some new art lately. Heres my attempt at NOT USING PINK. However a little neon pink crept in behind the palm trees but its minimal and it makes me happy…THAT IS ALL.

I’ve called this one Bodhi because its a surfer style van and its not very feminine . Bodhi was the name of one of the surfer characters (played by Patrick Swayze) in the 1991 movie Point Break…good movie if you haven’t watched it.

And here’s this months favourite for me, which has been sitting around half done for months, but I’m now happy with it, and have called her Vivienne.
Vivienne was the name of the character in the 1990 movie Pretty Woman played by Julia Roberts and I loved her, she was pretty and smart but rough around the edges just like this piece. It was spelt Vivian but I like the look of double n if you must know lol . Now is it spelt or spelled ….I googled it and either is acceptable apparently.
This is where I will be on Sunday 16th April 10-2pm and I hope if you are in the area, you will pop in and have a look at this fabulous market.

Happy arty crafty weekend friends.

Love Evy xxx

Eumundi Market

My market stall last Saturday at Eumundi was so much fun. Thanks everyone for your support and good vibes you all sent me. I really enjoyed it despite the getting up at 4am eeek.

Heres a few shots of my set up, however I think I will be changing it a little next time.

Sold lots of my mini art cards/postcards.
Heres me in my element….and my stall neighbours were lovely people. It was fun to meet other marketeers and learn the ropes. I have a new respect for how hard they work.
I will hopefully be there this Saturday 8th April for the easter market!

Love Evy xxx