To market to market….

Eumundi market has been fun and I have a few more dates booked there. Come and visit me every 2nd Saturday…next one that I will be attending is 6th of may, then 20th may and 3rd of June.
Here’s my set up yesterday. I change things up each time, trying to find the perfect combination of card and painting display, I have framed prints and unframed. Cards with envelopes and mini prints/ postcards.
I have IXXI displayed on my marquee walls.
My new card packs.
All the mini art prints
This is Sadie and I love the beautiful deep reds.
This is a new piece called Jean, have not printed either of these new ones just yet.
I spent the whole day at Eumundi yesterday so today is for rest, but I have to do a little bit of ordering and I will also paint today. I do a bit of housework and reward myself with doing some painting then a bit of office work and reward myself with painting again 😆 I get a lot done this way. Have a crafty, painty weekend friends.
Love evy xxx

2 thoughts on “To market to market….

  1. Actually Jean is pretty awesome as well . How did it go ???

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