Marlene and my Atlas

Today is a public holiday in Australia so I’m at home painting. The weather is glorious but I know it will be busy out at the beaches and on the roads so I’m painting at home. I thought I would share some of my recent paintings and processes. One of my latest flower jungle pieces. This one is called Marlene for no particular reason. I really tried hard to NOT use pink in this but as you can see, a little crept in which was actually part of the background collage, and its one of my old caravan paintings that I have copied and torn for collage.
I quite enjoy trying new palettes and especially a limited palette, it makes me think a little. Mostly I just grab at my colours and don’t think much, just choosing what I like.
These paintings are created over a few days/ weeks as I need to let each layer dry before I can move on. Often when I go back to do another layer, I’m in a different mood and I paint differently.

If I feel like I’m hurried because I’m painting in the morning before work, I don’t usually get fresh paint out, I will just use crayon or pencil, this is good as it slows me down a bit, as I can get crazy with painting and do too much. Different moods create different looks and I like that. If I sit and paint in one long session, it can look too streamlined, neat and I don’t like that look. So this works for me, sit down and paint in short bursts. However if I do have lots of time, I usually collage and start several projects and work on each one for a little while, giving them drying time.

I love a bit of map in my collage and have quite a collection of Atlas’s from the op shop. I also paint in my big old 1960s Atlas, the paper is fabulous and thick.
Isn’t she gorgeous, big beautiful pages and they are not shiny which is lovely for painting.
This is a favourite page in my atlas, using just pinks and greens.
So many things to paint….. I hope you enjoyed a little look into my painty world. Have a lovely day whatever you may be doing crafty friends.

Love Evy xxx

Holidays are almost over.

Just a bit of colour to brighten your weekend. Here’s a little about me and my process.
Clearly I am not afraid to use colour. My home is filled with colour and texture. I have basic white walls, blinds and floor tiles but purely for the backdrop to add splashes of vibrance.
The green velvet couch is one of my fav things!
I grew up in a household full of colour. My mum always painted old furniture in bright colours, we always had feature walls in bright colours and in the 70’s we had awesome wallpaper. She was pretty funky and I knew she was different after seeing what other kids homes looked like. Brown and beige was not in mums vocabulary, and I admired her for her uniqueness. I did go though a muted colour loving era when I was in my teens still trying to find my niche. It didn’t last long, I found my eyes drawn to bright colours and lots of texture. Crushed velvet, boucle, silk and faux fur.
I want my art to have these rich layers and boldness to them. I tend to paint with lots of contrast, the colours are not really chosen, my hand reaches and grabs what my eye goes to first. I sometimes feel like my paintings are rough and childlike, but each one sings to me and makes me happy.
Theres so many layers in my paintings, the collage that I start with has torn pieces of my previous work and lots of neutral vintage pieces that give me the interesting background that I love to start with.
I use acrylic paint to get the base of the flowers and leaves in and then work slowly building up with Neocolor 2 wax pastels and Stabilo Woodys. I add inks and Posca pen marks. I also use stencils and oxide ink to create interest in some areas.
I just keep working until I like it really! I often add something Im not happy with but can just paint over it and create something I do like. I have collaged over something I was unhappy with, not everything works out.
Some days I can zone out and paint mindlessly and other days can be more forced which gives different results. But I usually paint every day. Even if its just 15 minutes.
I have a busy day today, but I’m going to find time to collage some wooden blanks I recently had cut. I will also be working on 2 larger scale paintings that are on recycled canvases that my lovely friend Ange passed onto me.

I spent some time last week adding Linktree to my Instagram profile. Check it out if you are an instagramer. go to love_evy1 and click on my profile and tap on the linktree link to take you to all my shops and website.

Happy Summer weekend friends.

Love Evy xxx

Learning about IXXI

This little box comes from the Netherlands. My art is printed on luxury polymer cards and sent with this unique hanging system patented by IXXI.
Watch how easy it is to install.
This IXXI is 120cm x 120cm and is in my hallway. I love the bold impact it gives and it lights up my whole entryway.

If you are interested in my art on an IXXI you can contact me directly. I can have them printed in any custom size using most of my art. You can visit my website

Happy last few days of the holidays friends.

Love Evy xxx


bring me good things please

Seeing the new year in with this funky floral I have named Agnes. Not my usual colours but they still make me happy.
How do I name my paintings? Good question! I decide whether i like it or not and choose older style female names mostly, usually. In fact I haven’t named any with male names, maybe thats something to inspire me this year with new work.
Agnes is not a favourite name, as this is not my favourite painting. I like it alot but I don’t LOVE it. The names just get pulled out of the air , not much thought goes into them, but its then easy for me to know which one I’m talking about when I have so many.
Not every one of my paintings makes it to the naming process. I sometimes do 5 paintings and only one is worthy of a name.
This one has taken longer than I expected, and has had some turns and shifts along the way. I wasn’t happy with lots of it and put it aside for days, but kept at it and finally this morning I decided I’m happy to call it done.
Some paintings I have a good connection with and know it will turn out great. They sometimes are finished within days….(gotta remember the drying time between layers takes a while, so I’m usually painting 2-4 at the same time.) but this wasn’t done quickly…this one has been put aside several times over the past few weeks and I pushed through this morning to get it where I was happy with it. I have gained the satisfaction I needed just by finishing it and being happy with how it turned out.
I hope Agnes brings you joy when you look at her, she is a bright beauty.

Happy crafty Wednesday friends.

Love Evy xxx

new work this week

I have been working on this big canvas for a while now, painting a few smaller canvases in between as I have no patience for drying paint. I like to keep working if Im in the mood for painting and if I have to wait for paint to dry, i just start work on another canvas. so this has taken a few months to complete.
Its vivid colour and not for the faint hearted! So much to look at, lots of little interesting pieces to move your eye around.
I don’t use a lot of blue and purple but wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this one.
That main large pink flower was repainted several times…..but this one made me happy.
What feeling do you get when you look at my paintings? Do they make you smile because of the colours or do you cringe from the bright colours? lol
Some tiny details in here when you spend time looking. Theres the collage at the back and then the little detail florals and stripes and dots.
I use Posca pens for my detailing.
Theres also some stencilling in the background.
I hope this painting has brightened your day.

Love Evy xxx

flower jungle

Bold beautiful colour right here.
When I start creating my art, I use collage because I don’t like blank white space, it is overwhelming for me. I collage with vintage papers, maps, books, stamps, sheet music and torn pieces of my older work. If you look “through” the paintings you will sometimes see glimpses of my older work in the backgrounds.
I don’t start with a plan, I just get the paint out and start. The paintings evolve as I paint. I never know what I’m going to end up with. My mind actually “RESTS” when I paint, and I always feel good after I have painted and rested.

I’m on holidays for 6 weeks. If you are interested in my art, please email or message me. I am currently taking orders for IXXI using my artwork. See previous post.

Hope you enjoy some creative time this week.

Love Evy xxx


My new IXXI is up in my bedroom and I love it. It took about an hour to install and was pretty easy.
This is the box it arrived in. Its from the Netherlands and did not take long to arrive at all, a little over a week.

It looks like a lot, but once you set yourself up, it is fun and takes no time at all.
These are the special tiles made of luxury polymer paper. Everything is 100% recyclable, including the packaging.
I chose 20cmx20cm tiles but you can also get 10cmx10cm tiles.
This is the only blank wall in my house, so it was going here. I do not like blank walls!
The first bit was a learning curve, but pretty easy. I did make a slight error and measured wrongly, so its a bit to the right of the space between the windows, but I’m ok with that. I will know next time.
Once you get the top row done it’s a breeze and doesn’t take long at all.
And there it is!
Hope you love it as much as I do. Happy crafty weekend friends.

Love Evy xxx

Mixed Media & Collage

Some close ups of my finished piece. I love some crazy colour and lots of texture from the collage in the background.
This is using Neocolour 2 crayons, Jane Davenport Layercake paints and Posca Pens.
I have used a little bit of Liquitex Acrylic paint also.
This was taken when I had just added the gold leaf and it hasn’t been brushed off yet.
Some stencilling and Distress Oxide Ink as well.
Vintage dictionary paper, atlas pages and some hand made collage papers under the paint layers.
Hope your weekend was crafty friends.

Love Evy xxx

Watercolour mornings

I like sitting on the couch painting with watercolours, and a water brush. I paint in my small Hahnemuhle sketchbook.

This is a perfect little size with beautiful paper. I want to draw people but I’m not great at it, so I started to just draw the backs of them to gain confidence before I have a crack at faces.

It’s really all about the colour for me, it just makes me happy.

Have a fun happy Sunday friends.

Love Evy xxx

Back at work and no crafty fun to be had…..

Some fun on Procreate this week was all I really fitted in now Im back at work. Yes… I had 5 weeks off to get lots of things done and was sick for about 3 of those 5 weeks. Now Im back at work and realise how little time I actually get to be creative. I was so tired I barely sat at my craft table and felt terrible about it. I sat on the couch with my ipad and doodled. Im not down on myself for not creating anything, I just find that if I have time to create something my state of mind is better than if I don’t.
And the coloured version just for a morning cheer up. But it’s the weekend and I will most certainly be at my table today to create something. I hope you get a little time to do the same.

Love Evy xxx